Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Just a quick check in to say I'm still on plan.

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend I haven't seen in over a year. It was so nice. Gosh, I really miss her company! I had a great lunch - the exact one that I had discussed with my JC consultant - so I felt good about it. I also did my walk - although a little boy stopped me to chat and I ended up taking a full hour. So, I'm not sure if I was slow or not. I really tried to keep my arms pumping, which usually keeps my pace up. Anyway - I got out there.

I have to tell you my coffee story. Yesterday husband & I make our morning run to Tim's. Our order comes to $3.35. Same every day. I give the lady a $5 and $0.35 so that she can give me back a twoonie. She instead gives me back a loonie, 3 quarters, two dimes and a nickel. I made husband pass her back the change so she could give me a twoonie. I'm thinking she pressed in the computer that I had given her $5 and then she couldn't figure out the change properly. Sheesh! Of course, these things happen BEFORE I've had my coffee - so it seems like a bigger deal - HA!

So, last night I clicked on Fatmom's website and I was taken to a place that talked about cleaning my machine of porn! I saw that Paige had the same problem when she went on Scalewhore's site. I wonder why that happens? Computers are scary sometimes.

Well. I'm off to fight the weight loss battle for another day. Have a healthy day bloggers.

Oh, I borrowed Janet Evanovich's newest book from a friend yesterday - I'm halfway done - so far 4 laughs out loud!!!


  1. Sorry to hear about the coffee incident! I always hate when things like that happen too early in the day.

  2. I LOVE Janet Evanovich and sometimes think I want to be Stephanie Plum "when I grow up." I was at the store today and realized that I never read the last new one. So I bought it (in paperback). I'll have to buy or go to the library for the newest one in a week or two.

  3. Sounds like you are keeping quite busy!!
    It's so easy to get frustrated with the employees at Tim Horton's...they always get my order mixed up because I'm addicted to their flavor shots! (They are great and only add 5 calories!!)

  4. I love Janet Evanovich! She is soooo funny! I have one of her books in my "queue" just waiting to read it!