Saturday, June 23, 2007

Saturday - and Weigh In Day

Well, today is weigh in #1 for JC. I don't weigh in 'till 12:30 - which is freaking me out, because of course I need to eat breakfast. Ugh - I hate the mind games I play with myself on weigh in day. What sane person considers not eating all morning because they have to weigh in? Crap! Anyhow - I did eat my breakfast and I'm drinking my Tim's.

Of course yesterday I stepped on the scale in the morning, and by the evening I was up 3 lbs. I think I have to move the scale down to the basement. I really need to stay off it during the week.

As for my week on JC - well, I had the incident with the chips, and Thursday, after Belly Dance I had a glass of wine with my friend. I didn't have my fruit that day though. Eh. Overall, I had a good week.

My exercise this week was:

389 walking minutes
60 swim minutes
60 belly dance minutes

Can anyone see what is seriously lacking in my exercise regime? Yep - 0 weight training minutes. Zip-zero-nada. None. That is my goal this week folks. My bones will thank me when I'm 80. I MUST NOT BE INTIMIDATED TO GO UP TO THAT STINKING GYM.

OK - I'm off to fret about weigh in - I only have 90 minutes left to worry - so I'd better get to it!

Have a healthy day!

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  1. You are the exercise QUEEN! And that, in the end, makes a huge difference in how you look! Scales alone don't always tell the story.