Saturday, June 16, 2007

Taking Charge....I think!

I have made a rather large, and I think important decision. I'm going back to Jenny Craig.

I was doing it last year, and saw some good success, but stopped when I quit my job. We have had a year to adjust our budget to accommodate just one paycheque now, and yesterday I received a flyer in the mail, telling me I would get a bargain (ha!) if I join before the end of the month. So, I called them immediately upon getting out of bed this morning - and I leave in just 5 minutes for my appt.

Now, part of me feels like this is just a big cheat, cause there is such little thought required for this program. BUT, I am getting no where on my own. I REALLY, REALLY want to loose my 10%. I hope that this decision isn't going to cause the WW'ers to stop stopping by......I just think if I can take some of the "choice" out right now - with the amount of exercise I'm doing - I should see some losses.

I found myself feeling quite desperate yesterday. Then husband came in with the mail and I just felt like it was an answer being given to me - does that make sense to anyone - or is this just the desperation talking?

Anyhow - I will update when I get back. Wish me luck bloggers!!


  1. Well, how'd it go? You do what's right for you, Fatinah. It'll all work out.

  2. Don't worry about people not stopping by. We're here to support you, you have to decide how it is best for you to go about your journey.