Friday, September 28, 2007

Falling off the wagon....

Well, it was bound to happen at some point this week. And it happened last night. Well, not last night....yesterday. Had too many points for breakfast, so everything I ate after that was over points. I didn't go crazy like I normally would...but I didn't have a zero point salad for dinner either. Anyhow, this morning I will update my journal and start fresh....and by that I mean stick to my daily points target and not use any extra!

I think I will rake up some leaves in the backyard today...they are actually starting to bug me. Normally I wouldn't even notice there were leaves in the back yard, but now that I have a dog....I put them in a pile last week, but since then...more have fallen....and it took until now to come up with a plan to get the leaves into the plastic garbage bag that the dog was sure to nip at. I now have a plan, and I'm sure the dog will enjoy the company while he is playing outside.

I was supposed to start curling tonight, but the other team couldn't get enough people together. Imagine...1st night and they are having to jam already!! I'm not too sad though....I really wanted to watch that new vampire (and Angle rip-off) show. Now I can ;-)

I'm going to do a run today on my own. I don't run again until Sunday a.m. with the Running Room. I was himming and ha'ing, but now that I'm not curling....I'd better get out there. It's only 30 minutes....still walking for 1 minute, running for 5

What else......oh ya...CSI...anyone watch? I'm really glad that they didn't kill Sara off. Not that I'm particularly fond of that just would have been so sad for a season premiere. The other show I watched was Grey's. I HATE Izzy's character. Blech, blech, blech......seriously......a horse? I was folding laundry and threw a sock at the tv when George showed up saying he loved her. F*ck! I also watched Big Shots, cause there was nothing else was ok. I really like the guys they have for the I will watch again......after Grey's we just watched StarGate 1 on dvd. We are in the middle of season 3.

Well....I suppose I should get moving. Literally. I have to drop off puppy's vet papers at the Doggy Spa that he is going to next week. I think he will have so much fun....I have to work and didn't want him home all day alone....he is young yet. Plus, it is a good opportunity to get him used to other dogs. There is a little cocker spaniel that is the same age as him there....

Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. hey, we all fall off the wagon at some point, the important part is just that we crawl back on the next day. And good job on doing that.

    I was an avid CSI watcher for years, and then life (the ex boyfriend) got in the way, and I fell behind, I'm now "catching up" on DVD. I love that show.

  2. Anonymous5:47 PM

    This is life, we all mess up sometimes. Just don't let it get out of control. Tomorrow is a new day! I finally gave up on Grey's Anatomy last season. I just don't think they know what they're doing at all. George and Izzy? I hate that! Did you watch Bionic Woman? It was sooooo good!