Thursday, September 27, 2007

2 Running Room classes down....28 to go!

Last night my cousin couldn't attend the run because she had a university class. This meant that I had to go alone. I usually jam on myself when left to do something alone. But, last night I went. It wasn't a great experience. Running wise - I did well - I ran up with the teacher for almost the entire time, so I was happy with my pace, and I didn't walk during any run time...all that was good.

What wasn't great about last night's run was, well, running with the teacher. There was also another gal, so 3 of us were running in a line...shoulder to shoulder, you get the picture? Anyhow, they are chatting....are you married, what do you do for a living, what does your spouse you have kids....and not once did they address me. They quite pretended I wasn't there. I was so uncomfortable that I ended up falling back a bit behind them. Sheesh. This is why I hate doing stuff on my own.

Food wise, I had a good day. Ate 4.5 flex points. I was really hungry....actually, I was quite munchy after my run, but all I had was a half cup of yogurt.

I'm off for breakfast with my other cousin...can't wait. He's so nice.

Have a healthy day bloggers!

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  1. Don't let those rude ladies get you down! It sounds like you're doing great. Keeping pace with the teacher is great progress...