Wednesday, September 26, 2007

1 Running Room class down....29 to go!

I went to my Running Room class last night. I signed up for a 5k class, which is for people who have "learned to run" - presumably from their learn to run clinic - and just want to increase to 5k. Somehow, I forgot this, so when she told us we were going out to run 4 times the following: walk 1 minute, run 5 minutes...I just about fell off my bench! WHAT???? RUN 5 MINUTES?? That is what my head screamed.

Needless to say, the first 5 minute run was so hard. It hurt my legs, my lungs, my arms were cold.....on and on. But, it was just the first 5 minutes. By the second set....I found my groove.

My cousin joined the class with me. I'm very glad to have the company running, although neither of us are talkers while we run. She found the run quite challenging and told me to go ahead. I thought it better that we stayed together. Had I gone on, she would have stopped. As it was, we were slow, but steady! We never stopped once.

I ate 1 flex point yesterday above my points target for the day. I figure I earned 2 activity points from that class. So, a successful day.

I have a run again tonight. I'm looking forward to tonight because it doesn't have the talking part. You just show up to run. It will be an earlier night.

I missed most of Biggest Loser last night, but we caught....well, I guess the last hour or so.....I teared up when I saw Jerry in his after clip. I was beyond impressed. I will miss him on the show for sure.

Anyone watch SVU? Cynthia Nixon was great on it. The other show I watched was Bones. I have watched the show from the beginning, but somehow was still kinda surprised when they said it was already year 3 of the show. Has Angle really been gone that long?

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. That class sounds awesome...I want my Angel back!

  2. Good job in your class. That's awesome. My univ had a My First 5K traning class, but I couldn't make it because of the time. Glad to hear you did so well.