Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday, finally!

Puppy was up to pee at 2:30 this morning - I couldn't fall asleep for over an hour after that.....I hate when that happens!!

I added onto my route with the dog for our "big walk" and got it up to an hour. I'm quite pleased about that. My lungs still want to jump out of my chest on the way up the hill. When will that stop??

I didn't make it to belly dance last night. Was busy arguing with daughter. Had a less than stellar parenting moment.....why can't we turn back time?

Meanwhile, my mom just called. Her brother in law died this morning. I feel bad for my mom's husband. He is so sad.

I sure feel like having a glass of wine tonight. I have some homemade port downstairs.....Maybe I will have a glass of that. It is kick ass!!

So, BB8. What a bust, eh? Those two trashy skanky people winning the $$. Unbelievable. But, not as unbelievable as the first week of Biggest Looser. The losses were stunning. I felt bad for the gal that got sent home, because I think that type of person is the one that needs the help the most. I just about cried when I saw how successful she had been on her own, and how proud she looked for the after photos. Awesome. Oh, and how much do I love Bob the trainer? Man, I would love to have just a week with him. I think he seems so NICE. Mind you, so does the blond chick...I forget her it Kim? Personally, for me, Jill would not have the right affect (effect??) on me. I can't wait till the next show.

Well bloggers....stay tuned for a run down of my yoga class tomorrow....I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

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  1. Sorry to hear you missed class. Can't wait to hear about yoga though!