Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday, Monday, Monday

I worked today. My puppy spent the day at doggy daycare - he is already asleep! The lady said he did well. I actually cried when I dropped him off. I really need help.

I slept like crap last night - fretting about working today. Always the insecurities creep in...what if I can't do what they want....what if they think I'm not worth the $$...on and on for hours....felt like I slept 10 minutes last night.

I also popped off an e-mail to my trainer lady that set my weight program up - I'm going to start seeing her on Thursdays. I'm just not getting it done on my own. At least this way I will get one workout in.

Watched Big Bang Theory - still not sure about that show, BUT I just about split a gut when the one guy actually held up the sign that said "sarcasm". Good times. Wasn't impressed with HIMYM tonight - they better get better soon. Meanwhile - CSI Miami - what is with the dude that plays Horatio - he has to be the worst actor on the planet. Do you think he stands to the side like that when he talks in real life? He must be very insecure.

Hmmmmmmmm. I'm,so day today food wise. Tomorrow at the running room clinic - 3 sets of running for 7 (yes, seven) minutes and walking for one minute. Fun times ahead......NOT!!!!!

Oh, I decided to take my lunch tomorrow so that I can tell you all tomorrow that I had a great day food wise - how smart am I??

Have a good night sleep. Meanwhile, shout out to Tigerlilly who posted a nice loss on her blog today.....Yay TL!!


  1. Packing your lunch is a great idea! I find it always helps me resist temptation if I have food packed ahead of time.

  2. Karin9:36 PM

    Don't fret about the walk just do your best no matter what that is you will be proud of your self. I have joined a new gym because we have moved state and am loving it they are working me hard. keep on moving