Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ok, I'm back

I have been gone for a bit, but I'm back now. I will bring you up to date on what has been happening....

1) hosted breakfast for 12 people (husband's family) and had one SIL complain because she had to drive into town for it. We were having said breakfast specifically so she & her husband could see other SIL who was in from out of province.
2) drove out of province SIL to yet another province to drop her & her hubby off at MIL's. Husband remembered to pack his golf clubs and shoes - a last minute decision, but not our overnight bag.....
3) took dog on his big walk, and on the way home, blew out a tire
4) was up all night next night with a very sick puppy
5) haven't felt like blogging because I feel I have nothing to say - except that I forgot that this blog is really for me...I don't need to have anything to say
6) I have been keeping track of my food, but not really following any program

I start Belly Dance tonight. I'm really glad, because I need some routine. Plus I find that I really miss it in the "off season". The bummer is though, that my friend I do class with is having surgery next week and she didn't sign up for this session. Husband & I start yoga on Saturday. I'm really looking forward to that. We always have fun, and I love the stretched out feeling I get after a class.

I have been taking the dog on his big walks up that hill. My lungs still haven't adjusted to the hike. Everyday still hurts as much as the day before. I guess that still makes it a bit of a workout. We walk for 40 - 45 minutes. He really likes it, and I listen to my iPod - still working on Harry Potter, book 5. I can't wait until the 7th book is available on iTunes.

What, I guess that is it. Haven't heard about dinner with former co-workers yet. I hope they schedule it soon - it isn't long until my running clinic starts up and I will be busy 3 nights a week with that. I'm quite surprised at how much I'm looking forward to the clinic. The weather is nice and cool, and great for running.

Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. That sucks about the overnight bag, but it's kind of funny, too! I went to Seattle without a single toiletry item because I was so wrapped up in what shoes I was going to wear. I spent the first night there without even brushing my teeth!

    Even though you say you've lost your mojo, at least you still have some very healthy habits ingrained. Good job on keeping those up!

    I think I'll try yoga. I still have some prepaid classes at a place that offers yoga. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. WOW. Forgetting the overnight bag does suck.

    Glad to hear that your bellydance class is starting though. And yoga is cool too. I have to get a beginners yoga video....