Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Point Counting Day 1...

I found out why I had such a bad headache yesterday - we are having our first Chinook of the season. I felt like my head was ready to explode all day and actually had trouble keeping my food down. Now that the nice weather is here - I should be ok. My headaches only happen as the temperature goes UP. Now that it is up, I will just enjoy the nice weather.

Counting points yesterday. Always a shock to go back to that. It is amazing how quickly your portion sizes grow, your choices are not quite right. In any case, I wrote everything down. And I used 21 flex points!! We had no groceries (I go shopping today) and daughter had a hankering for pizza. We ordered chicken, feta & tomatoes. OMG! Best pizza I've ever tasted! The good news is that I found the count for the pizza in my WW Canadian fast food guide, and so I was able to track everything properly. I didn't need to use that many flex pts - where did I go wrong with my choices? Well, in two places. 1) I looked up the count AFTER I had eaten the food. We all know that if you look it up first - you don't have that third piece! 2) When I have such a bad headache (or am sick in ANY way) I crave comfort food. So I sort of self-justified along the way. This is what the flex points are for. I just have to be sure to get some activity points in.

Which brings me to my first class at the Running Room tonight for my 5k running class! I'm so very excited. My cousin ended up signing up for the class also, so I will even have company. She won't be able to make the Wednesday runs, but I need practice getting out there on my own anyhow.

I have an appt today at the doggy daycare center to see if they will accept my pup as a client. I sure hope they say yes, because I have to work next week. I don't really want to leave him alone all day if I don't have to. I have another place in mind as a back up, although....the place I'm going to today if my first choice - it has such a good set up, with organized play times, sleep times, walks outside.....

Well.....you've all been reading long enough....and I'm not getting any activity points typing.....or am I? HAHA!!!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. I've had the same thing happen to me if I'm not careful when I what I choose the first couple of days. Just make it through the week as best you can. You'll be fine!

  2. So what's the 5k class like? Is it to help you condition to run a 5k?

  3. I always write first, then bite, it's amazing how tracking before you put it in your mouth can keep you in check.

    Oh, and welcome back to the points counting world, I just came back myself! Isn't it amazing how fast our portions grow?