Monday, March 05, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

Oh, what a weekend!

Synchro Competition:
My daughter's team totally kicked butt! They won the combo and team events at their level. Woooooohoooooo!! She had a ball to boot - which is really the best part.

Even with all the running around from the competition, I did my scheduled walks. You will notice my ticker is showing more hours walked. Well, you will now that I wrote that!

Saturday was an easy walk on the treadmill, during which I listened to the first hour of "Break No Bones" by Kathy Reichs (maybe you all know the tv show "Bones" on the Fox network Wednesday nights??). Listening to a book is the key to success for me on the treadmill - I didn't bang into the console once!

Sunday was my long slow distance walk, which I did with Synchro Mom outside. It was quite brisk for me - she has been walking for 2 years. Having said that, it was good to get away from the treadmill - I find it easier on my legs. Today is a cross training day. I will mosey up to the gym later today and hit the weights and eliptical.

I kept FitDay updated, and am happy to say that even with our crazy schedule over the weekend, and a stop at Burger King, I was in the zone! For the first time EVER, I just got a BK Veggie Burger - not the whole meal. And then I ate 5 of my husband's onion rings. And it was good. I was full. And I was within my calorie limit. I rocked!

I do have some work to do on getting my fat grams down though. All calories are not equal, right?

So, I've been working on my 100 things about me post. At first it was hard to think of 100 things. Then, once I was done, I kept thinking about other things. I've been tweaking. Now I think I'm over thinking it. I just love reading other people's - why am I nervous about hitting publish?????

So, I have a new partner for the March Challenge. Amy. Her blog is: I hadn't followed her blog previously, so I'm quite excited to be reading someone new.

So far, my March Challenge has been going well. I'm drinking water and writing what I eat like a fiend.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!!!!


  1. Way to stay on the zone at Burger King! Fast food is hard for a lot of people... sounds like you did great!

  2. Hey!! I love the new blog! Its so much more fun when you can add all those fun tickers and toys!

    Way to go eating only 5 onion rings! That is some will power you have!!

    Keep up the walking and stay strong.. your doing great!!

  3. Great choices with your food this weekend! Fast food is usually a tough decision for sure.

    Keep up the great job!