Saturday, March 03, 2007

Busiest Friday Ever!

I had the busiest day Friday! Not only was it busy, but productive. Nice change for me.

I did my weight circuit class, my 45 minute fast walk (on the treadmill) and curled the game of my life!

My weight circuit class was very challenging for me. Sometimes the combination of exercises just make it that much harder for me. Yesterday was one of those days. I thought my arms might fall off. And my legs. You get the picture??

Then, later in the afternoon I did my 45 min fast walk. Hmmm, it was fast for me, around 5.5k/hr, but I am going to really have to work on my time, because I think my friends are expecting to be walking closer to 7k/hr.....YIKES. Anyhow, I can't freak myself out. This is why I'm training, right?

Last night was the start of the playoffs for curling. I curl on a 6 man team, we just go with whichever 2 couples can make it. Anyhow, we were all on fire last night, and we played great! Husband & I are beginners, me more so than husband. It was exciting. Lots and lots of sweeping though. Oh, my arms were so sore. Unfortunately, when I'm sweeping, sometimes I forget to breath - I may have brain damage we were sweeping so hard!!!!

The rest of the day was running around getting everything ready for daughter's synchro competition that is going on all weekend. She has a very positive attitude about this competition, and I'm thinking she will place well in figures. This group of girls usually kick butt with their routines, so I'm not even worried about that. Although they had a good run through yesterday - that isn't a good sign sometimes. Anyhow, daughter has so much fun at the competitions - she just loves spending all that time with her team mates.

So, I ate over 2,000 calories yesterday. At first I wasn't going to update fitday, because it was a blowout, but then I thought - what the heck am I going learn if I don't update it? Plus, by the time I took into account my activities yesterday, my day wasn't that bad. Oh, not good by any stretch, but not bad.

Well, I have blogs to read, then off to the gym. Today is an easy walk for an hour. I'm thinking I'm going to get Harry Potter for the iPod to listen to on my walks. Music is ok for short bursts, but for an hour or longer, I find the change in tempo confusing on the treadmill.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. Hi Fatinah!! First of all, I feel secretly guilty because I was so happy to read that you moved to Blogger! It's so much easier to comment now :)

    You totally kicked booty with all your activity, which makes the 2,000cal day not so bad!

    Keep up the great work, and welcome back to the challenge!

  2. Thanks so much for posting on my site.!!