Saturday, March 10, 2007

100 Things about Moi

  1. I am the oldest of 4 children, though, because my youngest brother & sister were born when I was 15, I think of myself as 1 of 2. My own personal Borg designation
  2. I am a huge Star Trek fan. I love every single one of the series
  3. Both my sister & I have a dad named George, but they aren't the same man
  4. We didn't know this until we were 14 and 11, and it was our cousin that told us
  5. I have been married for almost 17 years and I am VERY proud of this
  6. I do not think living together is the same as being married. The only thing like being married is....BEING MARRIED!!!!
  7. I have a tattoo and my belly pierced
  8. My husband doesn't like tattoos, but I plan to get another one
  9. I don't believe for one second that man has been to the moon
  10. I knew my whole life I would have a daughter - I felt it was my destiny
  11. I picked my daughter's name when I was sixteen. It is still one of my favourite names ever
  12. Fatinah is my belly dance name
  13. If I could change my name to anything, I would choose Elizabeth
  14. Elizabeth is, oddly enough, the name my husband hates the MOST
  15. I wish Canada was truly bilingual - not just around the airports
  16. I love being Canadian
  17. I hate Canadian television - and get enraged when Global & CTV cut out the American feeds
  18. I loved everything about having a baby and felt bad for my husband because he had to experience it all from the outside
  19. I wish I had NEVER nursed my daughter
  20. I haven't been to Church since my grandmother died
  21. My grandmother had a parental role in my family
  22. I truly believe that my grandmother loved me & my sister the most and I don't feel guilty about it
  23. I got to tell her how much I loved her before she passed
  24. I miss her so very much
  25. I didn't get my driver's license until I was over 30
  26. I didn't reconnect with my father until I was 20
  27. I learned that you can't go back - while he will always be in my life, he will never feel like a father
  28. When I was younger and people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would think "part of a family", but answer a teacher or nurse
  29. I hate when people comment negatively on the fact that I only have one child
  30. I was polite for the first 3 years, and now I answer back rudely, because I find the comments rude to begin with
  31. I'm still friends with the mom of a boyfriend I had at 17 - we often go and stay with them for weekend trips
  32. I can never run for office because there is a topless picture of me out there (and it is smoking hot)
  33. I can't get enough Buffy or Angel - I own both on dvd
  34. I cry at the drop of a dime
  35. This is the one trait about myself that I would change if I could
  36. I took a year of personal growth during which I taught myself to write with my left hand AND I took a job that was completely out of my field
  37. I used to have to stop in the washroom everyday before going to my desk in that new job, look myself in the mirror and say "You can do this"
  38. I am very proud of this, because by the time I was done with the job, I was comfortable
  39. My boyfriend when I was 16 hit me so hard I fell down
  40. I knew at that moment I'd be able to handle anything, because I walked away
  41. I drew on that strength to make my move out west
  42. When I spend time with my one sister I feel bad that my daughter is an only child
  43. I admire my sister - I think she has great strength and grace
  44. I have a Tim Horton X-Large one and one almost every day - after "good morning", the first words out of my mouth are "let's go for coffee"
  45. I can watch the same movies over and over - this drives my husband crazy
  46. But not as crazy as when I watch a movie on tv that we own on dvd!
  47. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Blade movies and was devastated when Blade the series was cancelled - I thought it was one of the best new shows on tv
  48. I also love Underworld 1&2 - brilliant
  49. I can't watch horror films though, or anything too suspenseful
  50. If Morgan Freeman is in the movie, I can't watch it until I know if his character dies or not
  51. Morgan Freeman's voice alone makes me want to cry - he sounds like such a gentle soul
  52. I am attracted to older men and beards
  53. I think all things being equal, black men are better looking than white men
  54. I watch the movie "I, Robot" just for the shower scene at the beginning
  55. I don't follow astrology, nor would I ever go to a fortune teller
  56. I wish I could sing
  57. I am a sucker for a sense of humour
  58. And yet it always surprises me when my husband makes me laugh
  59. I hate shopping because I'm so uncomfortable when sales people approach me
  60. I am very sarcastic
  61. I have trouble turning it off
  62. I like to listen to songs that remind me of ages 10 - 13 - I don't know why
  63. Easter is my favourite holiday, because it reminds me so much of my grandmother
  64. I used to have the same nightmare every Easter because I would be overwhelmed with all the talk of Christ's death
  65. I don't notice when people say f*ck, but I cringe when they say "for Christ's sake"
  66. I am pro life - and I believe that is my choice ;-)
  67. My favourite character in Star Trek is Worf.
  68. The worst argument I ever had with my husband was over putting peas in the chicken fried rice
  69. I am just now comfortable with my past
  70. I have brown hair and blue eyes that turn green when I cry
  71. I am a people pleaser, and I've come to accept it
  72. I cried for almost a whole weekend after watching The Bridges of Madison County - I wanted her to get out of that truck soooo much!
  73. I was shocked when my daughter didn't have my eye colour
  74. I cannot pass up a mystery show - too much exposure to Columbo growing up, I suppose
  75. I only read mysteries - fictional and preferably funny
  76. When I go home for visits, I always stop at Kojak's for a Souvlaki Pita & Lafleur's for fries and sometimes a hot dog
  77. I have such a strong gag reflex that one time a coworker made me throw up in the food court just by telling me a story
  78. I put cayenne pepper or hot sauce on everything I eat, except toast ;-)
  79. I have been belly dancing for....I think around 4 years now....
  80. It improved my posture and confidence like nothing else I've ever done
  81. I fell down the stairs after accepting my College diploma, it ruined my entire night
  82. I want the sound track from the Big Chill played at my funeral
  83. I never ask someone about their educational background because I'm afraid they will ask about mine
  84. I'm embarrassed that I never went to University
  85. I plan to someday when my daughter is out of high school
  86. I would like to take theology or world religions- but will likely take languages
  87. My husband is afraid that I will become a minister if I take theology
  88. I don't even believe that women should head a Church!
  89. My favourite colour is blue, but most people who know me would guess purple
  90. My favourite number is 2. It always surprises me when someone has a different # as a favourite
  91. I wish I could do the splits
  92. I am addicted to fitness magazines
  93. I still smoke occasionally
  94. My best girlfriends are all girls that I met at 14. I have now been friends with them longer over the phone than in person
  95. My favourite thing to order at MacDonald's is the Big Mac meal and although it comes with a drink - I never drink it
  96. I prefer Pepsi
  97. I feel blessed to have the life I have
  98. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop
  99. I get anxious if I'm running late for anything
  100. This was way harder than I thought it would be


  1. Hey Fatinah! :) Congratulations on your 100th post (or is this just 100 things?) It was great reading all those things about you, I feel like I know you so much better now!! I'm a Trekkie too, I've gone to 2 conventions LOL! I've always liked Captain Janeway :)

  2. Fatinah, you are a brave, bold woman. It was wonderful reading these 100 things about you; some I knew, others I didn't. You always make me feel proud to know you. Thanks for sharing. Love ya BIG BIG!

  3. What a learning experience! You are a great woman. I'm a bit of a trekkie too, and just LOL Captain Picard. ;)
    Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself.


    I love those 100 things about me posts! It's totally random, but you learn so much about a person that way... One of these days I'm going to create my own 100 things about me list. :)

    Have a great week!

  5. Yay! I love the 100 things posts. Thanks so much for sharing :)

  6. wow fatinah
    I love your blog, the 100 things about you are b=great. One day I'll work up the courage to do the same...its nice because it makes me feel as if I know you. I will be a constant reader of your blog. Have a great day :)

  7. I love Fitness Magazines too!

    It was interesting to read your list.

  8. My husband is a total Trekki, too. And he's a big Battlestar Galactica fan.

  9. Fatinah, you are one cool chick! I laughed out loud many times reading your 100 things! We're like twins separated at birth!

  10. Great list! I had so much fun reading it! Keep up the great work!

  11. I love it - you are fascinating!
    That was so fun to read - it's always nice to find things about other people that you can relate too :)