Monday, March 19, 2007


Sheesh - it feels like it has been forever since I've blogged!

I had to work last week as well as today and tomorrow. Since I haven't worked since July, I'm a bit out of my routine. Yikes - talk about disorganization! My new crockpot sure came in handy - I've made many tasty recipes for dinner. I typically don't like chicken, but so far, my Thai Chicken Thigh & Polynesian Chicken Thigh recipes are changing my mind!!

Last week I didn't exercise. Too tired. This week I decided screw it, even tired, it has to be done. So, off I toodled to the gym right away after work. I did 35 minutes (yes, 35 freakin minutes) on the elliptical trainer. I feel very proud of myself. My legs are sore now though!

Sadly, as I was leaving the club, I had to take an alternate route because there had been a pedestrian accident. I'm not sure if the fellow had passed away or what, but I was quite shaken up driving home. Poor him! I've been checking the news, but haven't heard anything yet.

So, anyone out there going to be watching Dancing with the Stars? I kinda like that show, because I love watching the dancing. Plus, I think these people really have a lot of guts to get out there and learn those dances.

Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. I love my slow cooker! I make all kinds of things with it, like baked beans or veggie soup. It's awesome!

  2. oo i love the 'screw it' attitude i so had that this morning with exercise and then tonight with dishes...once its done its done..and then you'll feel good aye...if not fake it till ya make it!!!!

    dancing with the stars rocks!!!!

  3. Do you have any slow cooker recipes? I have one and I love it but I'm not very creative with it!
    Great job on getting back to the gym. I always dread going if I've missed a few workouts and it's so easy to think of so many reasons NOT to go, but you know that once you are walking out the door after a good workout, you feel like a million great job!!

  4. Great job being back to work AND the gym! And your crock pot recipes sound wonderful! Do share whenever you have the time :)

  5. way to go on the elliptical..amazing! If you need any crockpot recipes I have a ton and there is even a link on my blog in the section of websites I love, have a good one!