Wednesday, March 21, 2007


So, today was an hour of hill walking. I was supposed to go with my walking buddy, but we had a major snow storm this morning. So, I ended up at the gym on the treadmill. With my audiobook. I actually hadn't really played around with the levels on the treadmill that much. I think next time I can go higher. In any case, I got my hour done and it feels good.

I just had the best Greek salad for lunch. Instead of using the dressing that came with the salad, which was 140 calories, 15g fat per package (they give you two), I used this Japanese Dressing made from soy & vinegar. 40 calories & no fat and it was so good. Yum. It also came with 1/2 a pita. A nice complete lunch.

Well, I must away.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. Great job on the exercise! I hate hills but I always feel so great after doing them.
    Good job too on the salad dressing swap. I am shocked when I look up the nutritional info on restuarant salads. When I t hink of salads, I think of Healthy so I was shocked to see some over 1000 calories!!! YIKES!!!!

  2. Great job on choosing something healthier and I always love things that are good as well!

    Great job on the hills I did have to laugh about the snow because I guess now its 80 degrees and I couldnt even imagine the thought of snow.

  3. yum yum I looove Greek salad maybe its because my boyfriend is Greek hee hee, way to go on the hills :)