Tuesday, January 12, 2010

quiet day.....

Last night daughter & I went up to the club to hear all about the "I Lost it at the Club" challenge. It's pretty exciting. This year is very different than last year.

We all received nutrition/exercise logs made especially for and designed by the trainers at our club. They are running a whole bunch of exercise classes for people to participate in, at various times throughout the 3 months of the challenge. They have set up an e-mail account specifically for the challenge where we can get questions answered by either the nutritional consultant or the fitness consultant depending on the question. They talked us through our goals. We will receive weekly e-mails with news of upcoming classes, strength and cardio routines for the week at all levels (beginner, intermediate & advanced) and we will get homework each week. If we do the homework we get a sticker. You know I will be doing my homework as I find stickers very motivating!! Homework will be either a fitness task, or a nutritional one. Small changes for us to make toward a healthy lifestyle.

Daughter wants to run a marathon. Now, she currently isn't a runner, but her trainer is going to put together a program for her that should have her ready to do one by August. I told her that if I see her training, I will do it with her. I don't know why the hell I said that, as I hate the hours that go into training for a long run, but there was no way I wanted to discourage her from doing it!!! I personally would like to shave 6 minutes off my 5k time by the end of the challenge. Apparently we have an Olympic athlete/personal trainer at the Club that specializes in running programs and gait analysis. I'm going to talk to husband tonight about hiring him for a session or two. I was told he would be able to design a training program for me. Plus, I thought if I have my gait analyzed perhaps it will help my knee?? Couldn't hurt it I suppose, right????

Daughter was the only young person at the challenge, or so we thought, until this young lady came over to exchange cell #'s!! Daughter actually texted her last night and they have a workout date tonight after daughter is done teaching swim lessons. Daughter is so much more outgoing than I am. I love that about her. Just one of her many awesome qualities.

So, our challenge journal is calorie counting. I'm a WW'er, so I don't actually know much about how many calories I eat in a day. I sat down and figured out my calories for yesterday. Yesterday I ate 22 daily points and 7 flex points. That translated into: 1394 calories and 29 g of fat. Interesting. Well, I thought it was.

Tonight I'm going to the Club with husband and he is going to work me out with weights. I will let you know how that goes. I'm kinda excited about it. That will be our Tuesday date.

Tomorrow I'm going to the practice run at the Running Room for the learn to 10k clinic. It's so nice out - I'm looking forward to the run outside.

I took the pup for a walk today for 45 minutes. He was so happy to be out again. There was quite a bounce in his step! Little muffin hasn't eaten yet today though.... wonder what that's about? Hmmm.....

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. Sounds like a GREAT challenge...I wish our gym would do something like that.

    Once I get the half marathon off my list, I am going to spend the rest of the year getting faster. I have a harder time working on getting faster than going longer...I wonder what that is about.

  2. Sounds like you AND your daughter are going to rock the challenge. Cudos for being such a good example for her.

  3. wow! that sounds like a FABULOUS challenge!

    Thank you so much for your support yesterday. I really appreciated what you had to say. AND I joined the X-Weighted challenge because of you!


  4. That sounds like a lot of fun. Glad to hear that someone your daughter's age is participating as well. That always helps. Good luck!

  5. The challenge sounds amazing and really well put together. I think setting a goal to shave 6 minutes off your 5K time is a GREAT idea. It's something tangible to work towards. And I know you;ll do it.

  6. Anonymous6:22 AM

    I'm jealous of your cool challenge. It sounds very motivating!

    I've always figured WW points to average out to 50 calories each.

  7. The challenge sounds AWESOME!Your club sounds like it is doing amazing things to motivate members to being as healthy as possible- and I am so excited to hear your daughter wants to do a marathon!! Proud of YOU for telling her you would join her!!