Thursday, January 07, 2010

My Name is Fatinah and I'm addicted to....

self-sabotage. It's exhausting and I have no idea how to break the cycle.

In other news....... I started belly dance again tonight. We have some new people joining the class which is fun. It's always exciting to watch someone discover the joy that is belly dance. We started right back at the basics and it was a good workout.

I did the Wii fit on Tuesday night. My back is still sore today from that stupid boxing! Sure didn't feel like I was working hard when I was doing it, but I must have been.

I have been working this week and feel two steps behind. I haven't had a good nights sleep all week. The weather is warming up and my head is ready to explode.

Oh!! I ordered a skirt from MeSheeky. I got a notice from the post office that I have a package today and I think it is my skirt!! I'm going to wear it to belly dance class. Don't you think it will be fabulous??? I can't wait till tomorrow!!

What else...... not much. Feeling a bit down. Bit of post-Christmas blues. I spent a week with my sister and now I miss her more than ever. Boohoo - I realize people out there have real problems - I'm just venting and being a baby.

Do or Do Not - there is no try. Do or Do Not - there is no try. How many times till it sticks?

Have a healthy day peeps!!


  1. Absolutely! Do or do not.

    How good is your French? I wonder if we'd be in the same class....I still want to take a class when teacher training is done. I really miss it.

    H =)

  2. Anonymous7:21 AM

    That skirt is super cute! I want one, too. :-)

    Are you talking about self-sabotage in the healthy living department? I think you are being too hard on yourself. I just read an article in the New York Times that you might be interested in:
    Not that we should blow off our health, but that we should recognize all the great choices we make all the time, like belly dancing!

    If you are talking about self-sabotage in other areas, I'm not sure what the answer is.

  3. Glad to see a post from you. Not get back on the horse before I have to sleuth you out and stalk you to your house :) Don't make me! :)

  4. Anonymous4:16 PM

    That's an awesome skirt!

  5. Aww Sorry your a bit down in the dumps! Hope tomorrow is a lot brighter for you!

    LOVE the skirt, you are going to rock it in belly dancing class! Glad you made it back :)

  6. FUHREAKY, but Mr. P said, "Do or do not there is no try" about a tv show right when I clicked on your blog...

    Post holiday blues are right! I had a good day today, but dude I blew through ALL my points yesterday.