Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another quiet day....

I felt quite blech today. I had coffee with two friends, which was really fun, but I almost cancelled. The thought of having to talk for a couple of hours seemed too much. Don't know what that was about. In the end, I'm really glad I went.

I met up with my cousin for the Running Room practice run tonight. She is doing the 10k clinic. They ran 5.6k tonight. It was an awesome night for a run, except for the ice. Holy shit peeps - it was really hard going out there. The run felt great - I much prefer running outside to the treadmill as I find it much easier on my knee. Having said that - the ice was very hard on my knee because I was so tense. Sigh. Oh, and my stupid Nike +..... would not activate the sensor. If it's not on the Nike + it's almost like the run didn't exist - do any of you feel that way?

Food was awesome today. I'm a rockstar. HAHA

Am thinking of signing up for the Rocky Mountain Soap 12k in Canmore in May. My walking group is doing it - but I will run.

Hey Calgary bloggers..... would you be interested in all joining in to do a 5k sometime in the fall together?? Think on it. We all run anyhow....

I'm watching Star Trek the movie for the millionth time. I just love it.

So, who is watching the Biggest Loser this season? I am finding it hard to watch this go around. First off, it is just too soon after the other one. And second, I just find the sheer size of the cast completely overwhelming. Having said that.... I also haven't picked my fav's yet. Of course, I have a soft spot for the Tongans (sp??) And I really like the fellow from the white team. He just tugs at my heart and I think when he loses weight he will look his age and likely will be quite handsome. With such large contestants, the red team looks quite out of place I find. Not many people are talking about it this go around - I wonder if others are also feeling it was just too soon?

Well peeps - Star Trek isn't the same without a cup of tea, so I'm off to make that. Have a healthy day!!


  1. Anonymous6:19 AM

    I know what you mean about the Biggest Loser. I've watched parts of the first two episodes, but I'm thinking about not watching this season. The contestants are not just overweight people that I can relate to - many of them are way beyond even being obese. I feel like they should be in a hospital not on a game show!

    Hope your blechs are over. :-)

  2. HEllo, I read your blog at work but then for some reason that computer won't let me comment.

    Anyways. It is hard to get into the BL but I will still watch it. The red woman is the size that contestants used to be when the show first started.

    I think the problem with putting bigger and bigger people is that it is setting unrealistic examples for people who are that big. Really, most people even over 220 pounds would hurt themselves doing the level of exercise they do there.

    I would be up for a fall 5K. :)

  3. Hi there Fatinah,
    I'm your 44th Follower!

    I saw your comment over on Amys Quest To Skinny...the big museum across the river from the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa is the Canadian Museum of Civilization. A great place to bring kids!

    (I lived in Montreal for 7 years and only discovered that museum after I moved away.)

    Ottawa is a great place for running (and skating in winter)!

  4. Anonymous10:12 AM

    RYC: You're right. It is on! I was waiting to start the no sugar thing until after our anniversary dinner this Saturday, but I can just have that dessert be one single treat after 3 days of cold turkey. (And then get back to the cold turkey). Thanks for the ass kick!

  5. I like the Star Trek movie too...but I have only seen it 3 times. I wish I lived closer, I would come do a 5K with you, and if my Nike + doesn't log it, I feel AWFUL...I need my stats!!

  6. 5K? You bet! Which one were you thinking of?

    H =)

  7. It's that the way of it? You don't want to go at the beginning, then you are glad you did.

    As for Biggest Loser, I've never watched it. I tried, but couldn't get interested even in the beginning of the series.