Thursday, January 21, 2010

OMG! Enough already!!

I have been coughing so much I've actually given myself a headache. Work was long but productive today. My manager just called me (it's 7:15) - I thought I must have made a big mistake, but she was just calling to tell me that I don't need to come in tomorrow. I'm so relieved. I really think a day in bed will do me good. I didn't go to belly dance tonight. No energy.

Did any of you notice that I slipped my weigh in up on the side? I ran out quickly last night. Didn't stay for the meeting because I felt like crap, but at least I won't miss out on the cheap fees!

Not much else to report. Eating is good. Coughing is a pain. Exercise is non-existent. Yep - that pretty much catches us up.

Oh, my puppy was so "full of energy" today that doggy daycare put him in with the medium sized dogs. The gals said that he just had a ball and was so buy trying to jump OVER the bigger dogs!! I so wish they had web cams in the play areas....

Have a healthy day bloggers.


  1. I think coughing like that burns calories! You poor thing. I hope you get better soon! My allergies are wreaking havoc on me. I've sneezed so hard all day that my brain hurts from crashing in to my skull!

    Great job on the weigh-in!!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. I hope you are feeling better by now!

  3. Thank you for the blog award! You are so sweet.

    I sure hope you are feeling better by now. Coughing sucks...hope you are able to get some sleep, that's probably what you really need.