Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blog Award!!

Hey peeps! I got an award - how exciting!!!


7 things you might not know about me:

1) I haven't spoken French since, while still living in my home town of Montreal, a French co-worker laughed at me for using "le" instead of "la". That was 22 years ago. I decided last week to take French lessons. Thanks to "H" for mentioning it on her blog. The lesson, not the huge chip on my shoulder.

2) Fatinah is my belly dance name, but if I could change my "real life" name to any name, I would chose Elizabeth.

3) I picked my daughter's name out when I was 16

4) Even though I am a firm believer that WW is THE plan for healthy living long term, when LA Weight Loss called me out of the blue the other day to say they had changed their program I still thought "hmmm, should I try it?" Always that part of me looking for a secret weapon.

5) I'm one of those people that doesn't think living together is the same as being married, and I will be devastated if my daughter does it. I know, I know....

6) I get really, really, really irritated when I read stuff like on blogs like "well, I didn't lose cause I ate that cupcake" or similar. Seriously, if you count your effing points, there is no reason you can't have a cupcake. Not at every meal, but if you gained a POUND it is because you didn't count your points accurately. Seriously makes me so nuts.

7) I'm very claustrophobic and have to leave the room if I'm watching a show that has a character in a small space.

8) Bonus fact: my last tattoo was totally inspired by the lovely Tigerlilly!!

Bloggers I would like to pass this award onto are:


  1. Thanks dollface! You are a sweetheart! Should I answer 7 questions too? Oh, I'll do it because it looks like fun!

    Glad to hear about French lessons. I can't believe someone would be so cruel as to laugh about that! Can you imagine doing that??? I couldn't. My Spanish is shaky at best, but people always seem to forgive my guffaws.

  2. Just catching up on a few blogs after being sick, and what a pleasant surprise that you gave me the BB award. You are so sweet. It's going to take me a while to come up with 7 things that aren't super boring, though.

    I was a French major in college for a little while until I figured out I wasn't very good at it. I had problems with "le" and "la" all the time. lol

  3. so exciting to hear your 7 things! I love the name Elizabeth. I have been so bad a getting over to your blog to catch up-- but that all changes tonight! :-)