Friday, December 05, 2008

Spoke too soon!!

Wow - I so wasn't better. Still throwing up last night. The only thing I was able to keep down was a bowl of chicken broth with a slice of bread. I must be on the mend though, because I'm hungry.

I feel like a big blob. I haven't exercised all week. I can feel myself getting softer. Of course, since I couldn't stand up without getting dizzy all week, there was no way I could have exercised, but....

I'm a bit worried about the Santa Shuffle tomorrow. I need to keep some food down today if I'm going to be able to finish the darn thing!!

Well, off to perform my motherly duties - gotta drop daughter at school. Have a healthy day bloggers.


  1. Hope you are well on your way to recovery.

    Be careful at the Santa Shuffle, especially with those dizzy spells. Maybe you can walk it?

  2. Yes. I am Santa Shuffling! :D I am number 590

    Good luck and enjoy!

  3. Darn. I would have come to the Santa Shuffle but my little dancer has her first ever recital tomorrow morning. Hope they have yummy subs for you again!

  4. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

    Michelle :)

    P.S. I moved blogs yet again - my domain is goofy this morning, but you can still visit me at