Monday, December 08, 2008

Exciting News....

I had a great day today.

  • I signed up for the Hypothermic Half in February. Thanks to Uber-smart Sparky - my thoughts right now are to run 10k and walk 11k. I'll see how training goes...if it goes well, I will try to run the whole thing.
  • I found a blog- thanks to Jodi's blog - that talks about DETAILS of the Momentum WW Plan!! Visit: to find out more!!
  • I had a good day at work today. No one spoke to me (again), but since I was starting a new project, that suited me and the day flew!
  • I went to the gym right after work and ran 40 minutes on the treadmill. I'm going to work on upping my time in preparation for the half marathon. Normally I just do 30 minutes.
  • My puppy played so hard a doggy daycare today that he is passed out beside me on the couch drooling!! Cute little monkey!
  • Oh, I ordered the best FRIGGEN journal EVER!!!!! Go to this site: I actually can't wait to get it!!

Have a healthy day!


  1. you are a wild woman! (Hypo Half)

    I found out today that I am getting moved from my outside office with mountain view to either an inside office shared with another person or a cube. Harsh! Such is life when you are not an employee though.

  2. What a great day!! Congrats! Thanks for the links. I checked them out.

  3. Wow!!!

    Congrats! I can't wait to hear all about your training....

    Think of how amazing you'll feel when you cross the finish line???

  4. Good luck with your marathan! And, let me know what you think of that journal...

  5. wow, what an awesome journal - i may have to buy myself a xmas present this year... thanks for the link! :)

  6. Do you run constantly for 30mins or do you mix in walking? Goo djob signing up ahead of time. They don't offer one of those here, but they do offer a 10K on my birthday that I might partake in.

  7. Thank you for the website about the new ww plan!!

  8. Good luck with your training. We should compare notes as I am training for a half coming up in March.