Monday, December 29, 2008

2 stickers to go!

Phew! I sure looked like I wasn't going to make it to the gym today. I was watching Season 3 of The Closer. Husband was watching Matrix II after having watched Matrix I....we were feeling lazy, lazy, lazy. Finally I came downstairs and said "are we going, or what?" and that was all it took. Husband popped up and away we went. Got all the way down the street, around the corner and down the other corner when I realized I didn't have my running shoes. Who the heck goes to the gym and forgets their running shoes. Crickey. Eventually we got there and away I went on the weights. I worked very hard and gave it my best effort. Sure felt good to get it done. Plus, I am now only 2 stickers away from getting my name in for the gift basket draw for the challenge I'm doing at my gym (the 12 days of Christmas - I won that awesome basket last year on this challenge).

I also went for a walk with my walking group this a.m. Just over 7k. Quite an easy walk except for the fact that my ass was freezing and frost-bite tingling the whole way. Even with my new long underwear. Bummer. I have that Resolution Run on New Year's Eve, so I have to figure out what I need to wear to keep my tushy warm. I'm doing the Run with my walking group, but I think I'm the only one running. It's too cold to take too long. You should see the smokin jackets we got for signing up. They are so nice, and now we all have matching jackets. We were all giggling about it over breakfast this morning, after our walk. It's like we finally have a team jacket!

Oh, Seabreeze asked about my Nike+ Mini on my page. When I was logged into the Nike+ site, I went to the part where the Mini is and "grabbed the code". I then pasted it in a "gadget" on the top of my page in the layout section (I think). I had been trying to get my actual runs in there, but to be honest, I like this better, since it keeps a cumulative total.

Well folks, that's about it for today. Have a healthy day!!


  1. Great job on todays activities!

    Now I wonder if they have battery powered underware. I know they have socks with warmers. Hey, you could invent some :o)

    Good luck on the New Years Eve run.

  2. Thanks for the details. I think I'll try that later.