Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good News

I just checked the hourly forecast, and it should be only -6 for my run tonight! This is awesome news!!

I went to the gym today and did my weight workout. It went really well. I did learn though, that I can't do a burpee to save my life, but I still gave it a good effort. The gym was so busy I couldn't believe it. It is going to be a long two months until people stop coming. I was happy though to finally finish my 12 Days of Christmas challenge (yay me) and to notice that the Club is actually open on New Years day! This means I won't have to miss my run.

Tonight, after my run, I'm going to a house party not far from my place. I'm the designated driver tonight so that my husband can relax and enjoy himself. There will only be a total of 4 couples I think. Should be a lovely evening. I have made my special bean dip (which ironically has very little bean in it) to take over.

Tonight is also my first New Year that I will be bringing in without my daughter. She is going to a party. This makes me sad, even though I new this day would come. It seems that it got here faster than I thought it would. Why do they have to grow up?

My sister had a baby yesterday. She lost a lot of blood and had to have a minor surgery after, and now has to stay in the hospital for 2 more days. I will feel better when she is out. She had a little girl. I can't wait to see pictures.

Does anyone else find it odd that we are getting ready to bring in 2009, when it seems like just yesterday that we were bringing in 2000? Time really does go faster as you get older!

Stay safe everyone - can't wait to see what the next year will bring us!


  1. Time is flying. Just another reason to keep up with the healthy living, huh?

    Stay warm on your run! See you next year.

  2. You don't know the half of it. Wait 'til you get to be my age. Time is streaking by for me.

    The worst part of losing the little ones is when the grandkids come along and all of a sudden they are old enough to vote, drink, and fight in a war (oldest granddaughter has been to Iraq.) That is a horrible awakening to old age.

    The funny thing about it is that in my mind I'm still in my 20's and I get so frustrated that the body just doesn't move like it used too. Wait, what got me off on that tangent? Must be old age :o)

  3. Nice weather for the Resolution Run for sure. Especially given the previous weeks frigid insanity. Hope you had fun!