Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weigh In

short post 'cause I'm on my way out for breakfast at my cousin's house, but I'm too excited to wait for a proper post.

I weighed in this morning (not at WW, just my bathroom, cause I still have no $$) and I'm down 2.3!! Woohoo!! This sounds boastful - but I really had a great points week. What I could have done better was exercise. I moved every day, but none of my exercise was "intense". This week I will do better. I didn't eat any of my activity points yet this week, and I still have over 20 flex.

To H-Woman: when I do finally go back to meetings.... I will be doing the 7:00 a.m. Saturday morning meeting - so happy to hear that is Faye meeting - she is one of my favourite leaders!! I'm going to start again in September.

More later - just wanted to share my good news!!


  1. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Great loss!

  2. Yay, great loss!

  3. YAY - What a good loss! Sounds like you earned it!

    Also wanted to let you know that I ordered the Fitbook. Can't wait to try it out!!