Monday, August 24, 2009

Running without the pup

I waited until the pup was in the backyard and snuck out of the house for my run. And, oh, what a run it was!! It was nice to have no distractions. I finished my run quickly and my pace was really good compared to when I run with the dog. I really think as long as he gets a good walk every day at a quick pace.... I should be ok to run on my own. Plus, he couldn't have been too mad with me - he still went nuts when I walked through the door after my run!!

Yesterday afternoon I went up to the Club with husband. He did weights while I did 30 minutes on the spin bike, 20 minutes on the elliptical that has a running stride (you know the machine that you can do either step, elliptical or running on?) and then I stretched for 10 minutes on the stretching machine. I love that thing.

Today I was supposed to meet husband for a spin class @ 5:30. He now might not be able to make it. I could go without him, but... I don't think I will. Today is a run day for me and I'd rather do that. If it turns out he can make it, then I will have a super duper cardio day!

I made it through last week on program. Today I not only start a new WW week but a new FitBook! That is right - yesterday I finished another one! Yay me!! I just love, love, love those books! I really like being able to track both my fitness and food in the same place.

Hmmm, not much else to report.

Seems like most of the Eastern bloggers I read made it through Bill without any major happenings - good news indeed!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. I attempted a run without my dog this morning, and apparently he escaped the yard and came looking for me...Mr. P had to wrangle him as I got too far ahead!

  2. Your pup sounds like my 4 year old! :)

    My runs are much better when I can just keep my stride too.