Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday Monday

Made it through the day! Didn't go to cycle class 'cause husband was stuck in meeting at work until too late. Did walk puppy during the day and ran at night. Want to hear my latest puppy walking story? WELL, I'm toodling along walking the dog and he is prancing ever so perfectly beside me. I take phone out of pocket to check messages, take napkin out of pocket for runny nose..... more toodling. We get on the 2nd half of the walk and puppy does his business. Put hand in pocket for bag. Panic. Check other pocket. Tons of panic. NO POO BAGS. Must have fallen out of my pocket when I was taking the other stuff out!!!!! I'm a responsible pet owner, so out comes the napkin again. Sigh. Finished my walk with poo in a napkin!!!!!!!!!! What a loser!!!!!

My run last night wasn't great. I never hit my stride. My breathing wasn't rhythmic. My arms kept crossing in front of my body. I finished it - ended up doing over 5k, but it wasn't a good run. I suppose it is good that I at least finished.

Today..... walk with dog. Tonight I will go up to the Club with husband and do some time on the spin bike.

I'm making split pea soup for supper tonight. Mmmm, it smells so good in here right now. I make mine with 450g split peas, one large onion, one carrot and one cup of left over ham. I chop the veggies & meat in my little food processor so that the bits are all tiny. Works out to 1 pt per serving! Scrumptious!!

My daughter just got her schedule for teaching swimming lessons. She will be a busy little girl! She does better in school if her time is more structured (from all those years of competitive synchro) so I'm quite happy. It will also help me separate a bit before she goes off to school. And if that wasn't great enough already - she will be making a shit load of $$ - which will make going away to University a lot more likely. I think it teaches good lessons for them to help pay for their education. We have tons put away (although it used to be more before the recession!!), but I want her to really understand what a privilege her education is, and what kind of hard work goes into saving $$ for it. We have been saving since she was 2. I think a year of her saving will give her a good idea of some of the sacrifice that goes into that.

Not much else to report. Picked up the latest WW magazine. Haven't gone through it all yet. I like to take my time because it only comes out 6 times a year.

Hope you all have a healthy day.


  1. How about more soup instructions for the dummies out there (like me)

  2. I should try that tomorrow. Thanks for the instructions.

    We saw District 9. It was worth seeing but would be fine on the small screen. It is kind of a morality tale.

  3. The poo-thing...been there, done that! Except one time I actually had NOTHING to pick it up...no poo bag, no napkin, nada...

    I ended up picking it up with a leaf. Fortunately there was a trash container about a block away. But I was super embarrassed.

    It's great that you finished your run even though you weren't feeling it.

  4. Hey,

    Thanks for giving me the heads up on the fitbook. I actually went on the link from your post last night and it's exactly what I'm looking for. I'm going to order one to try it out. But it looks perfect. I'm so glad you posted about it. Thanks so much!

    Hope the split pea soup was good. It sounds delicious! We gave up beef and park last year and I love pea soup but am not sure how to make it without the ham. I just think the flavour will be lacking without it.