Monday, August 03, 2009

sodium hangover

it rained all day today. men folk went to video golf to golf 18 - husband of people we are visiting just bought new clubs day before that HAD to be worked in - and lady fold had a movie day. Rented Bride wars on the satellite. Not an oscar award winner, but fun. We also watched Adventures of a Teenaged Drama Queen. Lindsay had so much potential.

Didn't get my run in until around 5:00, which is when there was a break in the weather. Holy freakin humidity batman!! I had a great run, but f*ck was I wet by the time I was done. Gross. So hot was I that I jumped in the pool right away when I got back. I NEVER GO IN THE POOL. But I was sooooooooo hot.

Rest of the evening was quiet. Watched a ton of Gene Simmons Family Jewels. So funny.

Off to Gratten Lake tomorrow. Men are golfing in a tournament, women & children - having a beach day. Life is goooooood.

Oh, I ate decent and only had 4 glasses of wine the whole day. I'm a rock star. HAHAHAHA

Cinemarie - if you're reading this - this is my hometown too!! I grew up part in Verdun & part in Pierrefonds - you??


  1. man Im the QUEEN of the sodium hangovers.

    like this morning.

    too much popcorn yesterday.

    that is all :)


  2. Ha ha sodium hangover... I hear ya:)
    Wow you ran in this weather! Chapeau! Going in the pool after a run must've felt sooooo gooood!
    Sounds like the perfect summer day :)

    You're from Québec! I had no idea!! How cool!!!!:) I grew up all over the province but ended up in Deux-Montagnes eventually (that's where my mother lives now...) I lived in Rosemont and Mont-Royal before my fiancé and I moved to Toronto, 4 years ago... I miss Montréal :)

    I remember the Pierrefonds area, I used to take the train de banlieue when I went to Cégep, hee hee ''prochain arrêt, next stop, rrrrroxboro-pierrefonds'' wish I visited more, looked nice! So, how did you end up moving to Alberta? :)

    Enjoy your time off in MTL! :)

  3. Whats with men folk and their golf? My husband golfed a crazy amount while we were away.

  4. Anonymous11:30 AM

    I love the Family Jewels! I'd like to break me off a piece of that little Nick, that's for sure! He IS legal now, isn't he?? Ewww...I hope so! Sounds like you're having a grand time!

  5. Only 4 glasses of wine? You ARE a rock star! I can't stop at 4, I usually can drink a whole bottle by myself.

    Why do you say you don't go in the pool? With all your exercise and watching what you eat (and I just looked at your picture), I do hope it is not because you are self-conscious!!!

    Anyway, keep having fun!