Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday again.....

I made it through the weekend. Although just barely. I have been pms'ing so badly. Yesterday I was on the way to the Club with husband and we had an argument while leaving the garage (a stupid one, of course!). I actually ended up telling him I didn't want to work out with him anymore and made him pull over to let me out of the car! UGH!!

Fortunately, by the time I walked home I had calmed down. I took the dog for a 45 minute walk and then brought him home, put him in his kennel and then went back out for my run. I felt much better when that was all done. I found the PERFECT running route by my house - FINALLY!

Today not much on the agenda. I'm going to start doing the EA Sport Active on the Wii again for the month of September. So, I will do that and I have spinning scheduled for tonight. I took the dog for a walk this morning, but I might need to take him again. I met my girlfriend with her dog. Unfortunately for her, she has a broken toe and so it was a slow walk.

Well bloggers, have a healthy day!!

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  1. Man PMS is a bitch. I hope menopause is not worse! :)

    Glad you found a nice running route that you like.

    Great job keeping active as usual