Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, Day 1, Week 2

My birthday dinner was so freaking good! Husband was so proud of himself and his culinary skills that he said he would cook more often. I will believe it when I see it. In any case, I enjoyed him cooking last night. It is just such a treat to have someone else cook. I know that is what going to a restaurant is, but it's different to have a meal cooked at home.

I did my workout first thing this morning. 4.8k run and my weights. I am changing my weight routine for next week. You know those muscles that kinda go from the top of your neck to the top/middle of your shoulders? Mine is starting to resemble the Incredible Hulk. I think it might not be proportioned well (the program I'm following). So, I will be pulling out my old standby book - Body for Life. It has a great weight program. Kim Lyons was good for the first two levels, but I don't like this third one. And if I don't like it, I will start skipping it. And I don't want to do that.

I was a bit pissed at myself today - I forgot to start my Nike+ until I was well over 1k into my run. Sheesh. What a doorknob I am!

Hmmmmm, is anyone out there watching Big Love? Next week is the season finale. I'm so sad it will be over....we all love that show. It has been a great season - every episode just leaves us stunned. BSG finishes this week also.....sigh.....I can't imagine how they are going to end that one.....although I have no doubt it will be great.

Well bloggers, have a healthy day!


  1. Wow, hubby cooked - thats awesome. The only thing my hubby cooks is BBQ, so I always look forward to the summer for that.

    I watch Big Love - although I have been more bothered with it this season. I think the stories are great, and the characters are really developing well, but I have issues with it religiously speaking. I still watch it, but I find myself getting more and more upset - maybe I should just stop watching.

    I don't know what BSG is, must be out of the loop - lol

  2. Friday is the Frakin' End! as they say on space. This season of BSG has been really weak but I will still be glued to my TV.

    I watched season 2 of Big Love and liked it. I kind of lost track of after that.

    Nice to hear that your hubby made you a nice meal. That sounds sweet! :)

  3. Battle Star Gallatica - I never would have guessed, I'm not really into sci-fi.

    In repsonse to your question on my blog - Yes, I am mormon (LDS) and I remember when the show was starting HBO make a big point of saying that they would clearly differentiate us (LDS) from the main characters on the show. I don't think that they did a very good job of that in the beginning. My sister (not a member of my church) called me one day after watching BL for a while and asked when my husband gets to choose his next wife. So, clearly, they were not explaining it correctly. It didn't bother me too much then, because most of the LDS characters on the show were good people - at bit nosy & bossy - but good.
    This season however, almost all of the LDS characters on the show are greedy, manipulative people and they seem to attribute this characteristic to their religious affiliation. This I find upsetting. I also am not pleased that they showed stuff that is sacred to us. HBO claimed that it was integral to the plot, but it truly wasn't necessary.
    There is much talk on the internet that HBO and the $ behind the show are taking revenge on the LDS church for it helping to fund the campaign in California to ban gay marriage. I have no idea if this is the reason behind the show seeming more and more anti-mormon or not. Seems a bit far fetched - but who knows.
    I just think that it is unfair to bash peoples religious views. I'm not looking to convert anyone - just as I wouldn't want someone to try to change my views. We are lucky to live in a country that allows us to practice whatever religion we choose - and sometimes I just wish that we all (society) had a little more respect for each other.

    Wow, long comment - sorry.

  4. I love Big Love. I have a couple of episodes on DVR but it is will be fun to catch up during my week off.