Monday, March 09, 2009

Monday, Day 1, Week 1

I went to the gym right away this morning after dropping daughter at school. Since this was my first time doing weights and a run on the same day (normally I do one or the other), I decided to do my run first. My reasoning was that the gym gets busy after 9:00, and so I wanted to hop onto a treadmill while they were free. This meant though, it was a bit squishy doing weights. There were lots of people meeting with their trainers, and they always take up lots of room. In any case, I was able to find a little corner to call my own and away I went. I did two sets of 10 for each exercise. I'm going to stay with the same two circuits for the whole 12 weeks, and just work on increasing the reps and weights for the whole 12 weeks. Last 12 weeks I changed my weight routine every 4 weeks. Just changing it up!

The only thing that was kinda a drag is that I used my Nike+ for my run, which was only 40 minutes, but forgot to turn it off, so it looks like my run took me 1:10 minutes!!! Oh, well. I had all the stats from the treadmill anyhow. I ran at a 8:13 pace, which was my avg pace for my half marathon. One day a week I need to run at my "race pace", which is supposed to be the pace I want to run my race at - I'm going to try to do my race at 8:00. I chose 8:13 as a beginning pace for the other runs because it was a number I had from the last race, and because it is an easy pace, and I have a long road ahead of me. I need to be sure I start slow so that I don't give up.

I cannot believe how cold it is outside today. I am so tired of the cold weather. My feet are cold just sitting here typing. What a bummer! It was so cold this morning that my garage door wouldn't close on it's own!!

I have an extra belly dance practice tonight. It isn't until 9:00!! I think I may have mentioned at some point that I'm performing in a show at the end of the month (Calgary readers can e-mail me if they want to know where they can buy tickets wink wink). Well, we will be two classes together performing one number. Since we have never even met, we are doing some extra practices with them together. I'm kinda happy because I've been stressing that we aren't practicing together. I'm one of those people that doesn't adjust well to change so I need to see where I will be standing and get used to who will be next to me. Plus, I'm a smidgen stressed that we haven't learned the whole choreography yet. Oy!! In any case, I'm happy to have an extra belly dance class!

Mmmm, not much else on the go for me today. Might boogie out in a bit to grab a latte. I have a hankering for some milk, and that is my favourite way to drink it!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

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