Sunday, March 15, 2009

The End of Week One

I made it through my first week of my new training program for my next 1/2 marathon. I think it went really well, and I liked it. Yesterday I was supposed to do weights and a run after yoga, but I ended up moving my run to this morning. Other than that, I was spot on. I have to write out my weight training for the next week later today. This week I am adding my trouble spots exercises - I keep forgetting to do them.

Husband and daughter are making dinner for me tonight. Beef tenderloin. Mmmmm, I can hardly wait. And a chick pea salad and a green pea salad. It should be really, really good. It is part of my birthday present. I'm so spoiled.

Not much else on the go or to report. Have a healthy day!


  1. After I finally conquer the 5K training, my next will be 1/2 marathon! That is really awesome, hope your dinner was delish.

  2. Great job on the run! a Half Marathon scares me! I guess I should start with a 10k.