Thursday, March 26, 2009

I HEART Italian Wedding Soup!

5pts for a can of Italian Wedding Soup. Mmmm, what an awesome deal. I add two cubes of frozen spinach and some frozen broccoli and I have a screamin good lunch! It's heating up on the stove right now. Yum.

My knee is still feeling....owie. I pulled my pant leg up to look today and yowsers, am I bruised. I have a huge bruise on the side of my knee, and my knee cap is completely yellow. The bruise is only now working its way up to the surface. Sigh. I still haven't tried running. I have belly dance rehearsal again tonight.....I'm thinking I will wait until after my show. I was going to try to start, but I'm still quite sore.

Speaking of the belly dance show - I have finally figured out how I'm going to do my makeup. I decided just to do it the way I "normally" do (I only wear makeup around twice a year), but I've added some purple. Oooooo. I know, I'm a wild woman!!
I was going to try to either a) curl my hair or b) get my hair done, but have scrapped that idea because, after trying yesterday a) I cannot do it, nor can I learn fast enough and b) I do not have the $$ to get my hair done. I will just run a flat iron through it. That will just have to be fancy enough.

Hmmm, not much else on the go. Hope you all have a healthy day.

PS: Thank you again to Tiggerlilly for your post today...your timing couldn't have been better. You rock!!


  1. I've never tried Italian wedding soup. Will have to look into it.

    You wouldn't want to post a pic of you in your belly dancing costume, would ya? Huh? Please?

  2. putting off running sounds very sensible! hope your dancing was fun.

  3. That sounds delish...what is a frozen block of spinach?