Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kharma is a bitch....

This morning, I went to the Club and ran into some of the gals. One I hadn't see in a while. She was (or is) doing the Dr. Bernstein diet. She is so slim. I can't believe how much weight she has lost. Now, I know that she has been eating right around 1000 calories a day. It was supposed to be around 800, but she added a piece of chicken every day. Or a like protein. Anyhow, I saw her, thought she looked great and was quite jealous. I was jealous because she was able to stick to the program she chose. And I was jealous because I felt like she cheated. Did a quick fix. Don't get me wrong - I know that I could never stick to that program long enough for it to work. But, that is what went through my head.

So, off I toodle to meet with the personal trainer. I workout. Hard. Like always. Then I drive to Chili's to meet husband for lunch. I then make a choice that I thought I knew the point count for, only to get home and find out it was an entire day's worth of points more than I thought. It is a new WW week for me, so I have the points, but I hadn't been prepared to spend them. Honestly, I would have chosen differently. I can't help but think though that this was kharma coming back to bite me in the ass. Payback for my bad thoughts and jealousy. Shame on me. There is no quick fix. That woman, regardless of what program she followed, FOLLOWED her program to completion. That shouldn't evoke feelings of jealousy. It should inspire.

Do any of you ever experience this? Sheesh.

Other than that, it has been a pretty uneventful day. We have been experiencing some nice weather. Today I tried to play catch with the puppy in the backyard after picking up all his droppings, but he hasn't quite got the whole bringing back thing. He still managed to expend some energy though. And I got to enjoy the sunshine. Win win.

Well bloggers, happy kharma to you all!


  1. I get jealous sometimes too, especially when i see people losing weight so much faster than I am. But I then remember that in the long run, I will be the one to keep it off, because I'm changing the way I eat, and live, and that is what matters!

  2. OH, yeah, jealousy...that's a tricky little bugger! I try to turn that feeling into "admiration" and sincere "congratulations" for the person. Still, I do have to admit to thinking at times: oh, well, she lost X number of pounds in such a short period of mark my words, it WILL come back as soon as she goes off ABC diet! Then, I feel bad for thinking that...guess we're human :~)

  3. Sucks about Chili's! I feel you, though. I feel like I've been doing terribly because of the ill feelings I have about work. But have I done anything about it? Nope. Have you? Yep! You go, Fatinah! I'll be calling you Sliminah real soon!