Saturday, February 02, 2008

What a difference a year makes....

I had another one of those days today. I woke up feeling small again. Of course, I had to step on the scale. It showed me down. Here's the thing. One year ago, I was this weight. This weight was, at that time, my heaviest ever. I felt awful. All the time. Fast forward a year, I'm still the same weight, except now I've just lost over 11 lbs and I feel small at this weight. It is all so weird. Just another indication about how weight is in your head. Well, not your weight, but how you feel about it. Mind bad you can't earn activity points playing those!

I skipped yoga this morning. Want to hear my excuse? Here we go: We woke up late this morning, and so we only got our coffee at 9:30. Yoga starts at 10:30, and I had only had half my coffee. I'm a slow drinker - I only drink the one cup a day, and I really like to savour it. Had we gone to yoga, I wouldn't have been able to finish it. I just couldn't bare the idea of not drinking the 2nd half of my coffee. Husband has promised me that next week we will go for coffee earlier. I know that more than a couple of you are likely shaking your head at me right now. But it was my Tim's!!!!!

Mmmm, I had avocado salad rolls for lunch again today. My addiction to those is still going strong. So yummy and filling.

Oh, guess what? I found some 100 calorie packages of almonds today at the grocerie store. This is perfect for me! I have almost no self control if I have an open bag of almonds. This takes away my need for self control. Each package is 2 pts, and I found that I was completely satisfied being able to eat the ENTIRE package. Again with the mind games. But it worked, it gave me a protein packed snack. As you recall, I am trying to watch my non-veggie carbs. This really helps. Today I have had my coffee (with cream & sugar - my weekend treat), an egg, a yogurt, the avocado salad rolls and the almonds. Of course, there have been carbs in some of that, but still way less than I had been consuming previously. Typically on the weekend I have a bagel, and then I'm starving by mid morning, but can't afford the pts for a snack.

Well, time for a nap/tv watching. Daughter & I are watching "Three Men and a Baby" on tv. I'm sorry - but that movie is STILL funny.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. I have no self control with nuts at all! I wonder if they have them here in the states!

  2. What might help the feeling is your incredible level of activity. You may weigh the same as last year, but you are probably taking up less space!

    Good job on finding those almonds. I also have no self control with nuts. Especially pistachios. I need preportioned stuff! Where did you find them, and please don't say Trader Joe's. I want one of those so bad down here!

  3. GIANTS WIN! Sorry for your household. But either way, I would still love you and be here every damn day looking for a new post!