Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This week was a bust

I didn't have a good on program week this week. It kinda has me bummed.

Who watched Biggest Loser last night? I was sure someone was going to throw a weigh in when the promo showed Bob walking away. I guess he was just frustrated? I was pretty sad to see Trent go home - he sure came across as a stand up guy. I like the football player team. Next to Bernie & Britney, they were my favs. I fast forwarded through the therapy session. I really think that stuff should be private. Not to mention nothing of any significance can be fixed with an hour of talking. I'd have been climbing the mountain with the blue team.

I taped Big Brother, but have to wait for daughter to have time to watch it with me.

I did the eliptical weight loss program again yesterday. I'm surprised that the time goes so quickly. Maybe that is because it is new to me. I have to stay home today because I have someone coming to pick up some furniture we are donating. I hate feeling stuck in the house. They will be here ANY time between 9:30 and 4:30. It also means I have to find a way to get some cardio in at the house. Looks like the stationary bike will be the winner. I don't mind the bike, except that I go numb below the waist after 10 minutes.

So, plan to go forward.....make smart low point choices today.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

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  1. I watched the BL last night too, and like you, I wasn't much into the therapy part of it, like you said, it should be private, and honestly, Jillans Mom? I don't know just didn't dig that.