Thursday, February 14, 2008

The damage this week.....

2lbs. I've never been so happy to start a new WW week in my life! Fresh start. Phew!

So, my freakin garage door broke AGAIN last night. This time it was the motor or gears or transmission on the actual door opener. Thankfully my husband was home to help me close the door manually (it is shockingly heavy since it is an old wood door). I'm glad that I was able to get an appt for this afternoon. Of course, that will be a $500 bill. Crap. Sure didn't need that.

Today I have personal trainer and I will do the eliptical BEFORE my workout. I know that may bite me in the ass, but I have lunch after personal trainer with the girls (healthy choices, OF COURSE) and then I have to race home to meet the garage door dude.

Hmm, I guess that is all. I still haven't watched any Big Brother...hope to get to that today after all the workouts.

Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. It's always good to start fresh when you've had a not so great week.

    2lbs is nothing, you lose that in no time!

  2. Don't sweat the 2lbs, you're doing great. I understand about the family day, it's not like it's adverstised in any way so you weren't under a rock.
    Happy Valentine's day!