Friday, February 01, 2008

Feeling strong going into the weekend

Sometimes it scares me to be feeling good going into the weekend. It is like a set up for a big fall. And yet, I am feeling good about going into the weekend. I'm quite pleased with myself because I have been journalling since the beginning of the year, and it is now February. For those who are on the edge of their seats - I'm using the green marker again this week. I'm a wild and wacky gal!!

I curled this morning. We were a gal short, so there was much sweeping to be done. We lost, but it was a fun game. I really like the gals I curl with.

I was surfing the net last night, and I came across Julian Michael's page. I filled out the form and the page sent me a quick and dirty plan. I found two things very interesting. 1) It recommended that, because I am drawn to salty meaty snacks that I should be sure to have lots of protein with each meal and 2) That I should either walk at 4.0 mph, or run at 5.0 mph.

#1 interested me because I have noticed lately that I have been very heavy in choosing carbs. And by carbs, I don't mean lovely veggies. I mean breads & rice. I wonder if that is why I have been eating all of my flex AND activity points. Perhaps if I concentrate on proteins and veggies if I will find greater satisfaction. I'm already concentrating on veggies this week anyhow - guess now I will eat them with a piece of meat or legume instead of a bowl of rice.

#2 interested me because I was wondering how fast I needed to go on the treadmill. I already run at 5.0 at an incline of 1%, but I walk at 3.8. I now know to make the most of my workouts, I need to walk that much faster. It is doable. Also interesting was the fact that it implied I should be doing it for an hour. Also doable, but I will admit - I feel tired thinking about it! HA!!

Of course, to get the whole program, you need to sign up. I'll admit - I'm very tempted, just out of curiosity, but I don't have the $$ to spend on that. Plus, I'm having good success with WW.

Not much on the go this weekend. Just yoga. And healthy eating. ;-)

Have a healthy day!!

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  1. Just for the last month I have been watching my carbs and protein, and I can tell a difference in the way I feel for sure. I was eating WAY WAY to many carbs, and like you it was breads, potatoes, rice and cereal. Once I got that under control, I don't think I have as many cravings, and I seem to be less hungry.