Monday, February 11, 2008

My leg hurts from banging it while falling off the wagon!

I had a good weekend, but managed to slip up all 3 days. Friday after curling we went for drinks. Sticking to my plan: I had 3 diet cokes - not even one glass of wine. Slipping from my plan: 6 chicken wings and picked at the nachos. Saturday had a date with husband. Sticking to my plan: ordered the half order of ravioli - the plate came with 7 raviolis on it (husband ate one). It was the perfect amount and SO, SO good. Slipping from my plan: had two glasses of wine which is what made the small bottle of bailey's seem like a good idea! Sunday watched a lot of tv & went to the gym. Sticking to my plan - had a perfect day until...Slipping from my plan: landed face first into a bag of Mrs. Vicki's Sweet Chili chips. Of course, today after all those chips - my stomach is killing me!

Today is a new day. My next 3 days have to be minimum points. I got my period this weekend, so my weigh in will likely be a gain, but I would like it to be as small a gain as possible. I have my weight training class today and I will do some time on the eliptical after. I did the eliptical yesterday, which I don't really like, but I used the pre-programmed button for weight loss, and it was actually quite good. Figured I'd give it another try. My heart rate certainly got up there.

I have to sit and make a grocery list this morning so I can make some nice suppers this week. Ugh. I hate making grocery lists. I would love to use that cookbook with the grocery list, but I don't have the grocery $$ this week for that. I have to try to use what's in my cupboard and fill in with fresh stuff. Fun times.

I have two lunch dates this week that I'm really looking forward to. I'm happy because I am meeting with lovely ladies AND at restaurants that I can control the points count AND cost. Does life get any better??

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. Your post title certainly made m chuckle!

    At least if/when you gain, you will know the reasons, and it's all stuff you can fix.

  2. I enjoyed reading your note.

    If you need any help making a grocery list and keeping the grocery bills down check out

  3. Your weekend slipups don't sound too bad! And you still have some time to incorporate some of the lower point days so I'm sure you'll be just fine. :) Good luck!