Monday, October 22, 2007

Seriously, Monday Already?

Gee, where did the weekend go?

Friday I ran 7k with "J" and burned over 580 calories doing so! I think this is because there are so many hills on our route. Fun times. I had to stop and walk twice, but I figure only for a TOTAL of 1.5 minutes - so we have improved a ton. This is good news, because I'm running a rather challenging 10k on Saturday.

Friday night we curled. We lost, but I did make one shot. After I drank .5 litre of wine & 1/2 a 10" pizza!

Saturday was 1.5 hours of yoga during which the teacher came over and told me I had lots of work to do. This is the second week she has been crotchety with me. I think she needs a cleanse. In any case, it was a challenging class.

Yesterday was my running room run. Next class I do will be with the Tech Shop. The leader changed the route again, and the pacers spent the whole time running behind me talking about how slow they were going cause they were hung over, but at least they were out. This is true, except my cousin and I were working quite hard to keep that pace, and them yammering on about how slow it was was quite discouraging. I'm not going to stop going, because it is 3 days a week that I'm out moving,, maybe I'm just too sensitive.

Puppy finished puppy training classes yesterday. Received a certificate of excellence for changing his behaviour and a toy. So cute! They are running another class in January, so I think we will sign up again.

So, people......I didn't write down what I was eating this weekend. Didn't make good choices. Ugh..Last night we had munchies at the club - I so could have ordered a salad. Why is that never my choice? I actually even like salad. Sheesh....Makes all this running for nothing if I'm going to eat like crap.

Have a healthy day!


  1. At least all the running keeps your eating like crap from having quite the effect it would otherwise! Think POSITIVE!
    Sorry to hear the slight disappointment on the running class. Try not to let it get to you. You know how you are doing on your level and that is the important part!

  2. Sounds like you've been getting in tons of exercise! Good for you!

    What a snarky thing to say, and from a Yoga instructor at that! Hmmph!

  3. WOW. I am in awe of you! Your workouts sound phenomenal! So you ate some crap. Oh well! It's not an everyday thing, right? And with all the work you are doing, well, I am seriously proud of you!

    The puppy is so precious, too. Love the first haircut!

  4. First off... good luck on your 10K race tomorrow.. you will kick butt girly!

    Second.. your puppy is soo cute. He remind me of The Lady and The Tramp... my fav disney movie!

    thank you for all the fantastic comments you leave on my blog.. I really do appreciate them!