Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Last night I had my run with the Running Room. I think I mentioned that I didn't like the route last week. It was too long for the amount of time they had planned for the run.....Well, this week we had a new route.

They had us running along the sidewalks under the street lights, and we ran out for 1/2 the time and then ran back. It was perfect. Safe and the exact right length. I was going to skip the run tonight because my cousin can't make Wednesday night runs, but I won't now since I can't get lost on this route. Yay. Although, I was looking forward to a day off.

So, who watched Biggest Loser last night? Because of my run, I had to stay up LATE to watch it. Good episode. I was glad that Jillian's team lost the weigh in, although sad to see one of the twins leave. I don't like Jillian's style. Those men look like they are melting away.....Jim sure looked good in his after clip didn't he? That show is so inspiring.

Watching those folks on "vacation" and trying to deal with the challenges you face....really brought to the front that the rest of our lives are going to be about making good choices. It is unfortunate that more often than not, we look upon good choices as some form of punishment. Seriously. What the hell is that about? I am making a serious effort this week to think of good choices as a treat. I'm going to suggest that as one of the challenges for NewYear'sBest.

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Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. hey - I also am trying to watch Biggest Loser but I didn't stay up to see the end, I was too tired and went to bed after the weigh in. I am also glad that "drill sargent" Jillian lost ! I don't like the way she trains and I don't think I would do well under those circumstances! At least now I know who got votd off! ;)

  2. I always make the comment that I tend to lose weight on vacation because I continue to eat healthy but typically you WALK constantly everywhere!! It's not uncommon for me to drop 2 pounds or so when I go on a week long vacation.

    I love TBL and I especially like Harper and Lyons. Jillian's approach of "we have to win" is silly. You have to teach people to make it a lifestyle, which Bob and Kim do much better IMO.

    How many people are gonna be out there flipping tires as a workout? Versus telling them "Just walk 2 miles today and if you feel motivated to do more, GREAT FOR YOU!"