Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I was supposed to meet with my personal trainer tonight.  I was on the bus home from work when I got the e-mail telling me she wouldn't make our appointment - her car needed to be towed, yada, yada. For those of you not in Calgary, the only place on earth colder than here at one point yesterday was the south pole.  So.... valid excuse, but really, really disappointing.  I don't like change at the best of time, but sheesh.  I did start my half marathon training yesterday.  My 2 mile run - done!  I actually thought today was a cross train day - but it was a rest day.  Oops.  Guest I should read the schedule.  I went up to the club with a headache - did the bike for a while - but..... All in all - crappy workout.

I have been weepy all day.  I think I must be getting my period.  Also, my baby girl turns 18 on Friday and it is freaking me out!!!  I don't even feel grown up enough to have a child, never mind an 18 year old child.  Young lady.  EEK!!!!

We bought her birthday present today.  Just have to get it to Lethbridge now.  Her friends are going down for the big celebration (she isn't coming home to celebrate) so we will likely send it down with one of her friends.  Feels weird - she has never been away from us for her birthday before.  I guess this is the cycle of life, but I don't like it - not one bit!!  ;-)

Have a healthy day!


  1. Hi Fatinah
    Hope things are going better for you today!

    Just think how lucky you are to have a beautiful daughter who is self-sufficient (and not in to drugs or other bad things). You were obviously a good mom, who raised a nice daughter.

    Take care, Grace

  2. Hi Fatinah,

    Just checking in. Hope you blog soon!


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  5. Anonymous5:17 PM

    knock knock! How are you?

    Sparky at The Mega Plan

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  7. Remember that girl Fatinah? Will she ever update?