Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Struggle Continues

I started my new job this week (the one I quit in June).  This means I'm in the land of snacks.  Oof!  Why oh why do I love chips SO much?

Tomorrow I am going to chose a really, really light lunch.  I had satay beef soup for lunch today, but I was feeling so full when I was done that it triggered a binge.  This has been my problem for quite a while.  So.... tomorrow I tackle the problem in a new way.

I met with my personal trainer last night.  She used the TRX for the whole workout.  I really enjoyed it.  I love the TRX.  

Tomorrow night I go see Harry Potter.  I'll be honest - I'm beside myself with excitement!

I'm toying with signing up for a 22k training clinic.  I don't know - I hate the running room instructors, but...... it would keep me on the trails......


  1. For me it's the secretary's candy bowl. She says she can monitor the stress level of the whole library based on how many people come by!

    I like the TRX, too. It's fun because you can really see progress as you use it more.

  2. Chips are evil. My strategy is to allow myself a dozen, and not a chip more. But boy do I savor those 12.

  3. Hi Fatinah, I've been gone awhile, but figured I would pop is say Hey!

    The secertaries bowl here at work is my enemy there is alot of candy that I eat that wouldn't be consumed if she would stop buying it!