Monday, November 22, 2010

Making through the treats

I made it through the day today with a minimal amount of treats.  4 jujubes and 3 licorice.  That's pretty good if I do say so myself!

I had my first test of will power though tonight since coming back to this job.  I left originally in June because there was just too much overtime.  I had signed up thinking I'd do 40 hours and I was working 90.  Anyhow - they called and said no more OT if I'd like to come back.  I signed up immediately because I really like the people.  Anyhow - tonight at 4:30 (my quitting time) one of the girls had her stuff show up.  Which means she will be working tonight to get a jump on it to meet her deadline.  I offered to help - but I think she got mad at me asking if she wanted me to stay - I guess I should have just stayed.  Anyhow - she wouldn't look at me and just waived me away.  So, I left as my stuff is done and I'm not supposed to be working OT anyhow...... but now I'm wracked with guilt.  Sigh.  In my head I know I need to just let it go - I decided to leave and I negotiated no OT.... but..... it goes against my whole being to not be a team player.  My big test tomorrow will be to act normal tomorrow.  Argh.

In other news, I have decided to train for a 22k.  I'm using the training program from  My first run is tomorrow night.  2 miles.  Is it weird that I'm looking forward to it?  My daughter and husband are going to train also.  Husband has potential for knee issues - so he will have to play it by ear - but.... I'm really excited that daughter is going to do it.  Well, she says she's going to do it... ;-)

Have a healthy day!


  1. hi there, good luck on your training :)

  2. hi, my name's andy. I come from VietNam. nice to meet you.