Saturday, November 06, 2010

Who made up mountain climbers?

Seriously - I would love to get my hands on the person that made up that exercise!  They were included in the exercises my personal trainer had me doing yesterday and I could not believe how much it got my heart going.  I just hate them though.  

Our workout was fun - but hard.  I had to do one strength exercise, one ab exercise and one heart raising (or in my case almost stopping) exercise then repeat them 3 times.  Then  onto the next set.  That is my favourite type of workout.  I don't enjoy the sessions when we are just on the machines.

Last night I met my girlfriend for drinks.  We had a really nice time.  I had some chips and salsa - Chilis has my favourite because they are so nice and salty!  Sadly though - they really, really bother my stomach and so I'm in quite a bit of discomfort this morning.  Ah well - the price I pay for poor choices.

Tonight I have a function to attend up at my Club.  The President's Ball.  The theme is "a passport to France".  Should be a fun do - and I can't wait to see what foods they have for us to try!  Apparently they will have food stations set up with wine parings.  And dancing!!  I love going out dancing.  

Today we going to do some re-organizing in our house.  We just purchased a new dining room set and now we have so much extra stuff.  We have to move everything into the basement with all the "keep" stuff on one side and all the "get rid of" stuff on the other.  Then we have to rent a truck so we can actually perform the "get rid of" part!!

We are experiencing really nice weather - so I have a long walk planned with the pup after I'm done my coffee.  Can't wait.  Plus - I want to get out of the house - I have a whole crew of men on my roof at this very moment putting on a new one and it really feels like they are going to come right through!  It is pretty stressful and the dog is going nuts!

Have a healthy day!

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