Saturday, May 12, 2012

Family Stress

I have my family in town this week.  Oof.  My stress level is through the roof!!  I had a total melt down last night at dinner.  Bad.  At my mom.  Why is it that I can act like a grown up right up until my family is around and then I turn into a 10 year old??

My challenge this week is going to be:

Not eating my feelings
Not drinking my feelings
Not alienating my husband because I take out my family frustrations on him
Not skipping my workouts because I'm too stressed to do them - I suspect I will need them more than ever!!

Have a healthy day!


  1. Yay - glad to see a familiar face. I'm back after a long absence from the blogging world.

    Good luck with your family this week. Just keep sight of your goals and you'll make it through.


  2. I had a meltdown on my mom last time and the next morning when I apologized for calling her a b*tch, she claimed not to remember that. Lol.

  3. Stress is highly associated with weight loss though but needless to say, one has to find medication as it is not likely to elevate the stress hormones, which often cause illness and of course hormonal imbalance