Thursday, May 10, 2012

Paying the price!

My sister is coming to visit later today with her 3 year old daughter.  I'm really looking forward to it.  As always when we have company coming we go nuts cleaning and re-organizing - I think I mentioned I'm a terrible house keeper?  ANYHOW.... we've been so busy doing that, that by last night I was feeling really lazy and said to my husband - do you mind if we order in??  Of course, because he never says no to me - we did.  Indian.  Which I love, love, love!!

HOWEVER, since I've been diagnosed with all my food allergies (sensitivities..) I don't eat dairy or wheat, yada, yada.  WELL, let me tell you - the butter chicken and two slices of naan (which were oh, so delicious!!)  almost killed me!  Oy!  I do NOT have a happy tummy today!!

Workouts this week have been..... ziltch!  Mondays are my day to sit on my ass - done!  Tuesdays I meet with personal trainer - she cancelled.  Wednesdays I do belly dance - too busy cleaning and eating Indian food that almost killed me.  SO that leaves meeting with personal trainer tonight.  I'm feeling guilty as I have to pick sister up at 3:00 from airport and then basically drop her at my house and then hit the club.  She said she doesn't mind.... but it feels rude somehow!  I just hope it's a good workout - I feel like I really need it.

Have a healthy day!!

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