Friday, June 15, 2012

So so glad it's Friday!

What a week.  It felt really, really long.

But, it's over now and it's Friday and I'm off to Victoria for a few days with my daughter - so YAY!  

My personal trainer took the week off and I had a substitute.  Oof.  How is it possible that I work out as much as I do and something as simple as a change in trainer can cause me to seize up completely?  You'd think I had never touched a freakin weight.  I do think I'm going to talk to my regular trainer though about turning it up a notch.  The glitch is that I have a partner that I work out with who might not be up for that.  She spends most of the hour complaining and trying to get out of doing the exercise at hand.  

I am reading Bob Harper's new book - The Skinny Rules.  Any one else reading it?  There are some good ideas in there that would be pretty easy to incorporate into a day.  I haven't gotten to the recipe/meal plan section, so I have no idea how that will jive with my food restrictions, but we'll see!!

Oh, anyone watching SYTYCD????  I haven't watched this week's yet - but looks like there are some lovely dancers in the pool.

Have a healthy day!


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