Friday, May 04, 2012

TGIF in a big way

Ugh.  Today marked the end of what felt like a really long week.  The starts must have been aligned today though - because we got to leave at 2:30!!  I finish @ 3:30 anyhow - but an hour is an hour!!

I have so much to get done this weekend around the house.  In the next 2 weeks I have 2 sets of guests coming to stay and I'm a terrible house keeper - so I will be a cleaning fool!!  Why oh why do I put that kind of stuff off??  

A long while ago I had purchased some fitbooks.  I got an e-mail from them today - a promotional type - and ended up going online to buy a new one - and just as I was "checking out" I turned my head and there, on the bottom of my coffee table was a brand new one that I had never used!!  I'm going to sit and plan out the next 12 weeks.  After that triathlon training I'm kinda flailing a bit... no direction. 

But first I'm going to have another glass of wine!

Have a healthy day!

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