Monday, July 26, 2010

Yoga Challenge

I've decided that the poses I will be doing for the challenge are the Kneeling Achilles Stretch, Front Ankle Stretch, Toe Stretch and Pigeon. I'm keeping it small as I want something that I will actually do every day. All of these stretches/poses will really help with the areas that I'm finding tight from running. After doing them last night I noticed that for the first time in around 2 years that when I got out of bed this morning I was able to step down and it didn't hurt. So yay!!

I saw Salt on the weekend. I just love Angelina. Can you imagine if Evelyn Salt hooked up with Jason Bourne? What a friggen ride that would be!!!!

I ran Sunday. Took me 30 minutes to do 4k. Sigh. Oh, well - guess a slow 4k is still better than NO 4k.

Not much else on the go. Just putting in time till vacay on Friday! YA BABY!!!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. a slow 4K is DEFINITELY better than no 4K.

    Good work on the run, and the yoga!

  2. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Glad that the yoga is helping you. And I have been hearing good things about Salt.